Are you interested in stopping problems that humans bring to our environment? Hydraulic Fracturing (or fracking) is the process where we inject our Earth with chemicals (mostly unregulated by our government and kept on the down low) in order to obtain natural gas which is considered to be a ‘clean’ source of energy/fuel. Ask yourself this: What makes some thing clean? For me, it means that not only is the type of fuel or energy leaving little or no emissions, but shouldn’t the process also be considered environmentally safe and clean as well? These chemicals find their ways into our streams and ground water (they’ll tell you that they pump the water out after the process but a large amount remains under ground). The health effects are also hazardous because they do not cause problems (loss of smell, taste, etc.) until a long time down the road. Proper research has not really been done on it’s effects because the tests are usually run by biased groups or corporations. What effects one area WILL effect us all.

look at this. These are the places where there are pockets of natural gas that are currently being extracted or will be in some time in the near future.

look. It’s every where!

Today is the the last day of public comments of on fracking in New York.

here’s an easy guide to submit comments

If you don’t live in the NY area, who cares do it any ways.

If you see a huge red blob on your state, write to your states people or congress people or any one that holds a seat in your state and tell them that there are better options.